Matthew 17:14-21 (21) – However, this kind does not go out except by prayer and fasting.” (NKJV)

Read: Luke 18:1

Nothing comes easy: if you want to fulfil your destiny and keep your spiritual balance, you have to take what is yours through holy violence, or you might die on the battlefield. This is because life is spiritual warfare! There are powers and principalities that hinder people from attaining their glory. In particular, there are things or feats you know you can’t easily achieve due to the nature of your background. For example, there are families where nobody exceeds an average level of achievement or grows past a certain age. You need God to open your eyes to discern and to take the necessary steps in prayer!

The Bible reading for today shows that you must go beyond the ordinary and the physical if you want to achieve anything worthwhile in this world. In other words, only fervent prayer can remove those issues with your health, fertility, career, and business, as well as the curses in your foundation that prevent your glory from shining. Whatever your deepest wish is, pray with all your heart, praise God every day, and be ready for a mighty outburst of the miraculous. God will grant you peace that passes all understanding!


Hymn: Christian, seek not yet repose — Charlotte Elliott (1836)

1. Father, deliver me from every form of complacency in prayer and grant me the power to pray my way to breakthroughs.

2. Negative family patterns and curses, clinging to my life and children. Break by fire!


1. Instant miracles, genuine laughter, and divine turnaround, locate me now!

2. Satanic vengeance crying over my life and children. Expire by the blood of Jesus!

3. I reject sudden tragedy in my life, household, community, and Church.

4. Holy Spirit, please give me the power to break every limitation to my higher ground experience this year.

“Until you get spiritual, you might never understand the secret to that problem and unlocking your divine potential.” — Kehinde Abolarin

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