1 Timothy 4:15 – Take pains with these things; be absorbed in them, so that your progress will be evident to all. (NAS)

A science teacher taught his students how a caterpillar turns into a butterfly. Before leaving the classroom, the teacher warned the students not to assist the butterfly as it struggled to emerge from the cocoon. One boy, who saw the butterfly struggling, broke the cocoon so that the butterfly came out without stress. However, the butterfly died shortly after.

When the teacher returned, he explained that by helping the butterfly, the student killed the fly because it was the struggle to emerge from the cocoon that would help develop and strengthen the butterfly’s wings. But the boy had deprived the fly of this vital formative stage.

Like the butterfly, many people have emerged from their cocoons before time. They have not been patient enough to allow God to complete His work in them. Most marriages, businesses, and ministries run into deep waters when they rise before their time. Never attempt to help God or run ahead of Him. Go through the process. As seen in today’s Bible reading, those who pass the test will stand the test of time. Therefore, endure the pain, and there will be glory in the end!

Finally, just as the teacher left the class for a moment, sometimes people feel God has left them during their difficult times. But, God will never leave His own stranded. He has given everybody the grace to grow and acquire strength during challenging periods (Romans 5:1-5). Whatever the situation, go to God in prayer. He will intervene and see you through it.


Hymn: As a Volunteer – W. S. Brown (1957)

1. Father, never allow me to take Your training as punishment. Please, help me withstand the process.


1. Anything within and around me that is attracting problems to me, I cast you out by the blood of Jesus!

2. Powers from the waters, harassing my destiny. Holy Ghost fire! Consume them now.

3. Holy Spirit, refill my emptiness with unshaken faith and the right mindset.

4. Father, please make my journey to the land of Canaan easy.


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