John 7:24 – Look beneath the surface so you can judge correctly.” (NLT)

To judge is to form an opinion on a matter or someone. Often we develop an impression about people only to discover that we were wrong. This is because we are too quick to nail others based on our beliefs, but we fail to understand that there are many complex issues in life that we can never comprehend except we walk in the shoes of the personality involved.

There is a story of a teenager on a train who would suddenly scream, “Dad! See, the skies are travelling with us”. The father looked at the sky and smiled. The boy shouts again, “Yippee! The trees are skidding away”, and the man would laugh. Meanwhile, a couple who sat behind observed the teenager’s childish behaviour with pity. Again! The jolly youngster yelled, “Papa! Can’t you see? The birds are running at us”. This time, the couple said to the Dad, “Why not take your son to see a doctor?” The man replied, “Yes, we are just returning from the hospital. My son was born blind and just regained his sight today”. The husband and wife immediately realised that they were too fast to conclude a matter they did not have in-depth knowledge of.

Beloved, have you been judging others like this couple? If yes! Stop it because our Bible reading charges us never to make conclusions by mere observation, but we must look inward to discern the true nature of the thing. Don’t judge a book by its cover until you have read the content because everyone has a story! Make Jesus your perfect example to love and give people the benefit of doubt. With this, heaven shall be pleased with you. God bless you!


Hymn: I Need Thee Every Hour — Annie S. Hawks & Robert Lowry (1872)

1. Father, help me discern rightly and never judge people wrongly.

2. By the blood of Jesus, I hijack today from the hands of terror and disappointment.


1. I come against every self-pity and condemnation in my life.

2. Yoke breaker — Jesus Christ, break my yoke of sin, pride, curses, sickness and stagnation (mention).

3. Father, please rewrite my destiny and give me the power to excel.

4. Shame and calamity programmed for my day and weekend, be cancelled.


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