Genesis 50:15-21 (20) – You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done, the saving of many lives. (NIV)

From a human point of view, the conspiracy of Joseph’s brothers seemed like a wrecker to his dreams. But as read in our text, it was God’s prearrangement to ensure that Joseph fulfilled his destiny. No wonder, Joseph didn’t blame his brethren because he knew it was a divine agenda (Genesis 45:5-8). That is why I am praying for that fellow suffering as a reason for gang up, God shall promote you above your enemies, in Jesus’ name.

Beloved, irrespective of the challenges, don’t lay accusations on anyone, nature or the government; instead, trust the Lord who orchestrated your life’s plan (Jeremiah 1:5). He cares and wants you to actualise your purpose of existence. Perhaps, He allowed those situations to happen so you could return to His loving arms. Truly, whenever we experience a reoccurring problem despite our prayers and efforts, we need to dig deep because it might be a divine strategy to elevate us, such as Joseph became a prime minister in Egypt.

Are you confused about the circumstances within and around your life? If yes! Reflect, make further amends where necessary, and pray investigative prayers. The Lord shall reveal His mind and you shall indeed fulfil your destiny! (Jeremiah 33:3). Be Born Again!


Hymn: Just As I Am — Charlotte Elliott (1835)

1. Lord, thank You for Your working strategy in my life.

2. Father, open my understanding to Your plan for me.


1. Father, thank You for my past, and a new day to make amends.

2. Father, rekindle Your fire of love, power and inspiration in our lives and the church.

3. Father, please turn my tragic to magic and mistakes into miracles!


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