1 Samuel 2:17a – This sin of the young men was very great in the Lord’s sight (NIV)

Yesterday, we learnt about Eli and his reckless sons. But there is an important part of the story that we need to note. After Eli rebuked his children, 1 Samuel 2:25 tells us that the sons did not listen to their father, “for it was the Lord’s will to put them to death.” This statement means that God can decide to harden people’s hearts in order to destroy them. This does not change God’s merciful and loving nature, but when we fail to repent of our sins, destruction is imminent.

God will always present an opportunity for repentance. Long before God decided to put Eli’s children to death, as seen in our Bible reading, their sin had become extreme in the Lord’s sight. Yet, God opened the window of repentance for Eli’s sons when their father spoke to them. The sons never listened, so they perished!

Beloved, there are signs that normally precede a great fall. When a fellow’s persistent sin and disobedience gets to the point where he has rejected several pieces of Godly advice, it could mean that he has been set apart for destruction. For example, when Pharaoh refused to let Israel go, God hardened his heart so that he was defeated (Exodus 9:12). Therefore, if you notice that you have backslid and not succumbing to God’s word or dishonouring your parents despite their corrections, you must immediately seek God’s mercy and redemption so that you don’t perish suddenly.


Hymn: O the Blood of Jesus (Anonymous)

1. Father, if I am divinely destined for destruction. Please:

a. Forgive me and soften my heart to yield to Your word.

b. Cleanse me by Your blood.


1. Father, let me be willing in the day of Your power.

2. Father, like a dream, let my season of sorrow and affliction be over.

3. Father, please deliver me from every trait of sin and untimely death.

Psalm 110:3

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