Genesis 41:37-40 (38) – So Pharaoh asked them, “Can we find anyone like this man, one in whom is the spirit of God?” (NIV)

Decision-making is important to human existence because everything we are or will become is a result of our choices. When Joseph was tempted with sexual immorality, he was faced with making a choice. But he made the right decision, which eventually paid off. If Joseph had fallen into the trap of Mrs Potiphar, he would have ruined his destiny (Genesis 39:6-20). In the case of Samson, he made the wrong decision to fall in love with Delilah, and he died prematurely (Judges 16:4-31).

Life will always present questions that need to be answered. Whenever you are confronted with challenges, your decisions and responses will either save you or condemn you to more misery. Many people have lost their souls and peace due to errors made at the strategic points of their lives (James 1:8). Therefore, you need the Holy Spirit to help you make daily, personal, career, and marital decisions (Psalms 32:8). Joseph was able to resist the temptation and lay a glorious foundation for his future because he had the Spirit of God, which Pharaoh testified to in our Bible reading.

Beloved, do you want to excel in your journey of purpose? Accepting Jesus and submitting to His authority will guarantee the Holy Spirit’s guidance in your life (John 14:26). Deliberately wait on God for every move and yield to His leading. You will succeed in your destiny!


Hymn: Leaning on the Everlasting Arms — Anthony J. Showalter (1887)

1. Father, open my eyes, ears, and heart to Your instructions. I will obey!

2. Father, cause the authorities to favour my work and project this week.


1. Midnight raiders, assigned to torment my star. Scatter, by fire, and release me!

2. Lord, concerning this issue in my life, family and nation (mention), please give us direction.

3. My life and projects, reject time wasters and attract destiny helpers.


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