Good evening family of God. I trust we all had a great time in God’s presence.

I pray for you that the Almighty God shall replenish your strength.

Every stumbling block that has previously hindered your growth and expansion, is uprooted.

Because you have honoured God with your time and intercession, watch out for His mighty rain of power and blessings in your life.

I decree in the precious name of Jesus, you will no more be left out or behind in good things.

Behold, your new season of tangible testimonies have begun.

Whatever represents shame in your life and destiny, is broken.

Tonight is a night of praise and power, therefore all you need to praise the Lord genuinely and walk, in power, receive them!

People have been mocking you and your sacrifices to God, from tonight, they shall see the hands of the Lord in your matter!

Tonight, I make a demand on heaven for the speedy release of your benefits.

When God approves a thing, no power or personality can stop it, therefore, your long-awaited breakthroughs are now your manifestation.

I decree by the authority in the name of Jesus, no more shall you weep.

Your life, marriage and spiritual life are now better and beautified.

You will no more struggle to see and hear from God. Receive the eye and ear opener!

Before things occur, you are in the know.

I decree! Receive power and discernment to be far ahead of your equals.

Your mockers are now your helpers. They shall help you indirectly to the top!

I decree to every sick person on this platform, receive your instant deliverance and healing.

I decree divine exemption for you and your family.

Where evil is happening, you shall be far from there.

Anyone appointed unto desolation, be set free by the blood of Jesus!

What you shall achieve in the second season of 2021 shall amaze even you!

God shall thrust your career, business, ministry and marriage forward.

Quick Prayer: Say! Holy Ghost, baptise me with the power of excellence!

Pray! It is a night of power.

Holy Ghost, open my eyes to the history of my life and the future.

Holy Ghost, possess me with Your aura.

Holy Ghost! Put Your seasoned utterances in my mouth!

As you have spoken into God’s ears, so it is done for you in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.

Your home shall flourish.

Your wedding shall hold! That marriage shall stand, against all odds.

Affliction is terminated concerning your home.

I pray for someone tonight, divine financial assistance shall locate you!

All you have been praying for shall begin to locate you.

You shall never beg to eat. You will not be a slave to the enemy.

Whatever makes your parents struggle shall never hold Your life.

When you arrive, nations will bow to God’s aura on you.

Your seeds too shall not beg for bread.

In the ongoing warfare, you shall not be a victim.

The powers of your father’s, mother’s and in-laws house shall not incapacitate your glory.

You shall always win and win and win!