1 Kings 17:7-16 (15) – She went away and did as Elijah had told her. So there was food every day for Elijah and for the woman and her family. (NIV)

Ellen and Emma would fetch water daily from the river. One day, out of curiosity, Emma asked, “Why do you prefer to fetch water with a broken vase?” Ellen kept mute until they both got to a spot where she showed Emma a set of beautiful flowers, and with a smile, Ellen replied, “This is exactly why I chose this vase because water drips through the broken part and drops directly on these flowers whenever I pass by.”

Like Ellen, how many souls have you won or touched this year? Some people would quickly say, “I have no money or resources to render help.” But there are no circumstances in which you may be in that leave you out of a position to assist. You can use your talents to make an impact. Besides, the best time to give is when you have nothing! In today’s Bible reading, the widow of Zarephath gave her last meal to nourish the man of God, and her life turned around for greatness.

Beloved, if only you could learn from Ellen and her broken vase strategy to live your life as a channel through which people rise and experience genuine affection, the love of Christ would reign in the nations. This Boxing Day and beyond, make life meaningful for others. Reach out in your own little way to that deprived family and to those friends still living in sin and addiction. A simple word of encouragement could go a long way toward transforming their lives. Talk to them about Christ and assist them where necessary.


Song: How deep the Father’s love — Stuart Townend (1995)

1. Father! Help me to love genuinely and make me a channel of blessings to my generation and to win souls globally.


1. Please spend quality time praying for the upcoming fasting and prayer programme.

2 DAYS TO OUR PRAYER RETREAT. HALLELUJAH! (Join us from December 28–30 as we fast and pray toward 2023)

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