Psalms 91:10 – And no terrible disasters will strike you or your home. (CEV)

The devil’s mission is to steal, kill, and destroy, but Christ came to give humanity abundant life (John 10:10). This means that regardless of what you have gone through or are still experiencing, rest assured that with Jesus on your side, you will emerge a victor. What I pray for you is that you will never be afraid or bow to life’s pressure. Because you serve the living God, you will not go missing when your miracles arrive. In Jesus’ name, you will neither be a candidate for obituary nor be a tenant in the mortuary.

Today’s Bible reading gives an assurance that no tragedy is permitted to come near you and your family. In accordance with this promise from God, I decree that you and your family will live to enjoy divine blessings. The storms of life shall not bury you and your home. No man or power shall consume the fruits of your labour over yourself, your spouse, your children, or your business (career). The powers that stopped your parents will never lay hold of your glory. You will become immune to diseases, and every evil device used to spy on your family will catch fire! As the Lord lives, your home shall be a citadel of God’s presence, in Jesus’ name.


Hymn: Higher Ground – Johnson Oatman, Jr. (1898)

1. Any demon of affliction, assigned to my life. Hear the verdict from heaven, get out!

2. I declare that I am covered by the blood of Jesus. No more condemnation!


1. Witchcraft oppression in my life and destiny. Enough, cease by fire!

2. My long-awaited breakthrough(s), locate me now!

3. Father, please build Your church and cause it to move forward.

4. Embargo of sorrow and shame, blocking my divine advancement, break!


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