Jonah 2:1 – From inside the fish Jonah prayed to the Lord his God. (NIV)

Yesterday, we learnt how Jonah disobeyed God by boarding a ship to Tarshish instead of Nineveh, where he was meant to preach. As a punishment, Jonah’s presence rocked the ship until he was thrown into the sea.

When Jonah landed in the ocean, God provided a big fish to swallow him, and he survived in the belly of the sea creature for three days. As seen in today’s Bible reading, the man did not stay silent in this distressing condition; he cried out to God and promised to proclaim His salvation. What happened after was that the fish vomited Jonah on dry land, and he went to Nineveh.

God sometimes sends His children through strange and unexplainable experiences for them to recognise and learn from their sins. Hebrews 12:6 says, “For the LORD disciplines those he loves”. The love of the Father summarises today’s devotional, and Jonah also realised right away that his sin was the source of his predicament. Therefore, he repented.

Beloved, how have you failed in your assignment and diverted God’s plan to suit your own engagement? Your assignment could be your home, career, or responsibilities in the community and Church. Are you faithful to them? In any way, you have shunned God’s leading, you must repent. There are people who have never had a second chance, like Jonah. If the Father is chastening you, it is so you can turn to the path of life and not end in disgrace. I encourage you to return to God’s instructions and you shall live in peace and prosperity.


Hymn: Look and Live – William A. Ogden (1887)

1. Father, I repent of all my sins (e.g., disobedience). Please forgive me and give me a second chance.


1. Father, deliver me from the belly of the fish so I can fulfil my divine assignment.

2. Spend quality time reflecting on those assignments and make plans to fulfil them.

3. Pray for the Church and your nation.


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