Ephesians 5:21-33 (33) – So again I say, each man must love his wife as he loves himself, and the wife must respect her husband. (NLT)

A man returned home drunk while his wife prepared noodles for dinner. He then ordered that sardine should be added. But, the reluctant wife refused because it was too dark to go out. Suddenly, the man pounced on her, and to defend herself, the woman unconsciously stabbed him to death.

There was another couple who loved themselves so much that people prayed for such a home. The wife is a local nurse who works in a faraway village and only comes home at weekend. However, the husband’s friends who were envious of his family fed him with false rumours. Therefore, he engaged in extramarital affairs and got infected with an incurable disease (Romans 6:23). The sad part was that the man got his innocent wife infected. So disturbing! Isn’t it? But remember, we are at the end time when hopes would be betrayed and homes collapsing due to distrust (Matthew 24:10, 12).

Beloved, we must be on our toes because the devil is a cunning man, whom through mere disagreement could snatch one’s soul, peace, salvation or marriage (John 10:10). Are you the intolerant husband or nagging wife? (Proverbs 21:19). Watch it, lest you fall prey to foolishness (2 Corinthians 2:11). Perhaps you have been battered by your spouse, as seen in today’s Bible reading, forgive and submit to one another in honour to God. Whatever you do secretly or openly against your marital vows, must be dropped. Tell the Holy Spirit to refill your heart to love again. It shall be well with you!


Hymn: Into My Heart — Harry D. Clarke (1924)

1. Spirit of anger, immorality, unforgiveness and marital-threatening issues in my home; cease now!


1. Father, please take me from rags to riches and never the other way round.

2. No matter how comfortable I am, Father, please move me to where I ought to be!

3. As an individual, family, neighbours and the church, we shall not lose our authority and crown of glory.

‘If you love your spouse, you will be considerate and show respect. Periodic distances should not be a problem in a Godly home because, where there is genuine love, trust is imminent.’ (1 Peter 4:8)— Kehinde Abolarin.

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